Same Cake Different Icing

this book explains psychological principles behind pimping

This book takes you through a literary quest that identifies and explains psychological principles behind pimping. It smartly elaborates on how the same principles are applied in the domains of religion, education and warfare.

Same Cake Different Icing

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Masks- Same Cake Different Icing

“The tools of psychological manipulation and deceptive logic that govern the “pimp game” bear a striking resemblance to the principles of conventional warfare and how military authorities indoctrinate soldiers; how religious institutions attract and indoctrinate their followers and how educational institutions attract and indoctrinate students.”
– An Excerpt from the book 

About the Book

Goals of the book

Written with great literary expertise, Same Cake Different Icing aims to:

Bring About Spiritual Awakening

It helps understand the intricate workings of societies’ three main institutions: religion, education and military. Understanding the manipulative forces at work, you can achieve spiritual awakening.

Give Hope

Although having gloomy undertone, the book emanates hope. It gives a way to shed wrongly held beliefs and acquire freedom from the manipulative institutions.

Help Be One with The Divine

Same Cake Different Icing helps understand the pimping forces at work in domains that we call the pillars of society. By thrashing ill-conceived notions, it aims to help people understand the force within.

The book is for you if you are…

Want to Find Meaningin Life

Curious about life’s purpose? Looking for the best books to read on psychological principles? Download this book. With philosophical and psychological insights, Same Cake Different Icing wittily comments on the very nature of our societies.

Have an Open Mind

A questioning mind is a wise mind. Same Cake Different Icing is the book to give you an understanding of persuasion and the courage to question pre-existing notions about religious, educational and military institutions.

Want Spiritual Freedom

Being one with the divine does not require a third-party connection. By understanding the manipulative ways of religions, educational institutions and militaries, the book sets you on a path to freedom.

Don’t Want to GetManipulated

Same Cake Different Icing beautifully describes the art of psychological manipulation and how each of us can be manipulated by people in power. Knowing this paves the way for salvation – as knowledge, definitely, is power.

Book Reviews from Readers

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Same Cake Different Icing is an amazingly intriguing piece of commentary on the state of our societies. Although quite brief, it distinctly conveys the idea. Readers will be enthralled by Marcus Houskin’s perceptiveness.

James Clarke Book Reader

Mystified by the question of life’s purpose and religion’s place it in, I was truly lost. With incredible insights, Masks – Same Cake Different Icing provides a direction. Written with heart, the book manages to connect with you on a deeper level.

Amanda Mclellon Book Reader
What’s in it for me?

Same Cake Different Icing contains a detailed account of the ‘pimp game’ and how leaders in religion, military and education manipulate people into submission. The goal is to help you understand the power these institutions have on us and to set you on a path to spiritual recovery.

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