Terms of Use

We at WalkMyWord welcome you to our website. We are providing you access to this website subject to the terms of use mentioned below.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and agree to be legally bound by them.

Description of Services

We WalkMyWord provide access to visitors and registered users to the website. They can buy our product and use services as described in the agreement below:


Visitors are web users who are having access to the website. They will have access to content that can be publically viewed by all visitors.

Registered Users

Registered users are people who have registered with our services and want some additional features. For this, a login would be required every time.

Under no circumstances are we obliged to accept any individual as registered user. Accepting or rejecting any user is in our discretion.

Information We Collect

Our website collects data to optimize user-experience. When looking to create an account, we ask for personal information.

We also use software tools, like Cookies, to track how you are interacting with the website.

We can obtain data from third-parties, like other companies. We can also determine your location, based on your IP address.

How We Use This Information

We use the data collected for three purposes: better operation of our services, providing personalized services and sending promotional offers and display advertising.

To ensure data protection, we employ latest tech mechanism. For instance, we do not accept data from unauthenticated sources. We also have SSL certificate (the green padlock at the top) to ensure data protection.

Sharing Your Data

We only share your personal data with your consent. For instance, we might have to share your details with entities that process payments.

We can share it for other reasons, like fraud prevention and credit risk mitigation.

We might also have to share your data to certain vendors, like customer support services, working for us. These companies or entities abide by our data privacy and security policies.